In order to put The Hague on the map visually, a recognizable house style has been chosen. A style guide has been drawn up to help you apply this house style in practice. This guide is intended for graphic designers and DTP professionals. It offers guidelines and handles on how to use The Hague's visual style elements in your communication. In this way we ensure the recognizability of the city of The Hague together. By picking just the elements from the house style that match your own corporate house style and campaigns, we strengthen each other.

DOWNLOAD: De stijlgids van Den Haag (Nederlandstalig): het handboek voor ontwerpers. De Engelstalige versie volgt binnenkort.

In this toolkit you will find logos of the various 'sign offs' for the different target groups via the homepage. Feel free to design these in a color that matches your own house style.

Good luck! Do you have questions? Please contact us at toolkit@thehague.com.

Important! Are you a civil servant and do you communicate from the municipality of The Hague? Then use the municipal house style. More information about this can be found at denhaag.nl/huisstijl. Ask your questions to the corporate identity team of the Municipality of The Hague, which can be reached at huisstijl@denhaag.nl.

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